Big Beat has been busy the last two weeks! (27 May – 5 June 2016)

We here at Big Beat Productions have been working very hard the last two weeks on a number of gigs! We’ve been providing technical support for:

  • Comrades Bonitas Expo
  • Comrades Marathon (Finish in Durban)
  • Golden Horse Casino High Rollers Draw
  • Golden Horse Casino Annual Sprint Day
  • Spar Women’s Race Registration & Race Day
  • Dept. of Health MEC’s Annual Service Excellence Awards
  •  Royal Show 2016! Including:
    • Royal Rock with Jeremy Loops, Shortstraw, Majozi & The Kickstands
    • Royal Show Vuma FM Sunday
    • Royal Fushion
    • Royal Symphony
    • RSG Concert

Photo’s below 🙂


13312694_908923795899894_1580348453429955335_n 13312880_10153451185797470_4412005011659366008_n 13322033_908924052566535_3970205464318757374_n 13327462_904314966360777_1947479029380115530_n 13330901_908923535899920_7853061224177858511_n 13333000_904315006360773_528303603363277383_n 13339445_10154280203562287_6765517686308267141_n 13339588_10154280202422287_2081543305322448019_n 13346512_10154280203612287_680561450433752460_n 13394137_908923395899934_8432306603026274516_n 13413172_1737032429885553_8231970821330381282_n

13312699_908923415899932_1822846719937801715_n 13321613_904598316332442_5768767251130012846_n

13336079_908923629233244_3753244240232026402_n 13339562_908923602566580_7017216259957934460_n 13342912_908923645899909_7899537451463033454_n


13335527_908923505899923_8397345111299825590_n 13335718_908923572566583_5923687737663658690_n



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