Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Trade shows take place over vast areas, including both large scale outdoor stands and marquees housing smaller exhibits.  We are able to rig up temporary PA for all the public areas and walkways.  Big Beat can also supply the announcers and DJ’s for such events.  We provide PA of this nature for the following events: Eston Show, Spar Ladies Durban Exhibition & Mercury Wine Week.


The outdoor horns are weatherproof and the indoor speakers are white and unobtrusive.  Up to 20 small speakers are hung in a frame marquee of up to 100m in length, to achieve an even coverage of sound.  This is ideal for background “mood” music and clear announcements.


We are able to provide services to individual exhibitors in the form of AV and lighting to enhance their stands. (Plasma displays, projection, lighting, sound etc)


Garden Show 2017

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