Call-outs and Consulting

Our service fees for 2015 are as follows: (all prices ex Vat)

1.  Call-outs for work or equipment out of warranty, or installations we have not been involved in:  R450/hr for 1st hour and R300/hr thereafter excluding materials, spares or sundries. This fee is for a one or two man team.  A surcharge of R100/hour/person will be levied thereafter.  Please note that the minimum charge for a call-out is R450.00.

Where a call-out and subsequent diagnosis require a return visit, the second and following visits will be charged at R300/hr from the first hour, for a one or two man team.

2.  Call-outs where the fault is found to lie with our installation or equipment we sold which is within it’s warranty period will not be charged for.

3.  Should the site be further than within a 15km radius of PMB, then every km traveled thereafter will be levied at between R5.00 and R8.00 per km depending on the vehicle.  Toll charges apply.

4.  Time wasted on site due to poor arrangements on the client’s side (for example waiting for caretakers to find keys etc) will still be charged at the going rate.

5.  Time taken for lunch breaks will not be charged.

6.  Sales calls, or calls which could result in sales, are not charged for.  The company reserves the right to decline invitations to quote or tender and has no obligation to give reasons for this.


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