AV covers a very wide range of equipment, but can be easily categorised into source, processing, output devices and accessories.  In the source category there are Video Cameras, Laptop PC’s and DVD Players, DSTV decoders & iPad’s.  In the processing category we have Vision Mixers, Kramer scalar / switchers, Splitters, Amplifiers, Cabling.  In the output category we find LED daylight screens, data projectors, screens & Plasma Displays.  In addition to this, we have recording and editing equipment.


We have invested in three Canon XF100 and one Canon XF300 camcorders which record directly onto CF Cards in Full HD.  We make use of our GoPro Hero 2 mini HD video recorder when we need the special effect it offers.

Kramer Products:

Kramer manufacture a very wide range of AV processing equipment.  We make use of their Composite & VGA Splitters & amplifiers, their legendary scalar / switcher units and their great quality cables.  Amongst our inventory are the following scalar models:  719, 727 & 728.

Vision Mixer:

In a live to screen situation, with a number of camera’s placed in strategic positions around the venue, the vision mix director issues instructions to his cameramen.  He chooses the images he likes and operates the vision mix accordingly.  We use the DataVideo SE500 for SD and the Blackmagic ATEM TV & ATEM TV PRO for HD mixing.

Comm Sets:

Used for communication between camera operators and the Director.  We have at least 10 sets.

Data Projectors:

  • 8 x 3,000 – 4,500 ANSI:  SANYO
  • 4 x Christie LX 400 (4,000 ANSI Lumens)
  • 5 x Christie LX 605 (6,000 ANSI Lumens)

Data Projector LENS OPTIONS:

  • 2 x 0.8:1 Short throw for the Christie LX 605
  • 5 x 1.70-2.89:1 (Standard) for the Christie LX 605

Projector screens:

Ranging from the ultra-portable pull up screens, through to the ‘fast fold’ type with aluminium folding frames,  we have a screen to match your room, your venue and your size requirement.  Our biggest are the 5m x 4m surfaces which require a truss surround to suspend themselves into.  Most of the screens are still 4:3 aspect ratio, but our newer ones are 16:9 aspect ratio.

Plasma Displays:

We have 18 plasma screens ranging from 42” to 51”, all in flight cases and with custom made floor stands.


Daylight Screens:

We do not own our own LED screens, but hire them in when required.  Typically 4m by 3m in size once assembled, these incredibly bright LED screens are ideal for outdoor use regardless of the weather or brightness of the sun.  They are weatherproof and can help keep people in the action even if they are far from the stage.  We also have access to high resolution indoor daylight screens which are ideal for use in tents where people are seated close to the screens and where ordinary projectors will not be effective in the ambient light.

Digital Recording:

Audio recordings are done either directly to CD via our Tascam CD Burner or to MP3 / WAV via our Sony Solid state field recorder.  Our latest TASCAM recorder will record directly to USB, CF, SD and writable CD’s.


We have solutions to transmit VGA & Audio, Composite and Audio over CAT 5 cable.  The limit in distance is 100 meters.  For HD distribution, we make use of BlackMagic  mini-converters (HDMI / SDI) to distribute over distance.  We can also transmit 300m of HDMI and audio over SDI coaxial cable, with the use of BlackMagic HD-SDI technology.



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