Lighting can be both practical or beautiful.  It can in its most basic form, provide safety in dark areas.  On the other extreme lighting can transform a simple hall or building into a magical place – and this magic appeals to people of all ages and demographic.  There is no better way to create mood than with lighting, followed by music.  In terms of what we provide falls into four sections, namely Stage lighting, Interior lighting & architectural lighting, Dance-floor lighting and finally, Smoke, haze and bubble effects.


These lights are what you would find above and on stage for fashion shows, big music festival, or at a theaters.  They are all programmable and intelligent, and some have the ability to point in different directions (moving heads or mirrors).  A successful lighting show requires careful programming of these lights to create the required effect.

Some of these lights (or fixtures) can be used for corporate functions, especially for gobo (logo) projection.


Lighting ceilings, walls or buildings in colour (we call this “wash”) has a magical effect.  Even humble up-lighting and fairy lights can transform a dreary hall.  Add colour wash, movement and colour changing and the results are spectacular.  You can choose a very subtle, classy look for weddings and grand affairs (like the orchestra).  Alternatively you can go for a chic, vibrant, energetic look for a more youthful appeal.


There is a whole array of lighting available for a dance-floor.  LED lighting effects are becoming very popular, to supplement your “old faithful” mirror ball, laser, strobe and UV (Ultra-violet) fixtures.  Most “semi-intelligent” disco style lights are sound-activated which means they “listen” to the music and adjust their speed and colours accordingly.

smoke, haze and bubbles:

Effects like smoke and haze are used throughout the industry, from live stage, theater product launches, to dance-floors.  The size and power may vary, but the result is the same:  to enhance the lighting and mood.  Much like a car’s headlights shine in fog – this is what smoke and haze create for lighting – it allows the light to be seen as it travels through the air as opposed to just what it shines on.  There are a number of other lighting effects and projectors which can further enhance your party theme.


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