DVD & Audio Production


A DVD of an event is a convenient method of recording the proceedings, whether for archive, resale, distribution or promotional requirements.   The complexity and cost of the project will depend on a number of factors including how many camera’s are needed, the audio recording, the edit time, the post-production effects and voice-over requirements etc.  We have produced DVD’s for school productions, corporate video’s, government events and fashion shows.  We have invested in Full HD Camera’s (Many pro video people only use HDV) in order to give our clients the very best of what is available at present.

Our latest camera (Canon XF300) produces footage acceptable for use by the BBC – widely regarded as the benchmark for public broadcast.



We have the equipment to make digital audio recordings, directly to mp3 or CD on a dedicated Tascam CD Burner, or our solid-state Sony field recorder.  We also have a solid state Tascam recorder which records onto CF, USB or CD.

Both our digital consols are capable of multi-tracking 32ch live.  We have recorded legal proceedings, disciplinary hearings, Voice-overs, childrens audio books, bands and public meetings.


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